5/3/21- Deadpool vs Deathstroke page



07/23/2019-  X-Men 90′s style! But as you can see I did character uniforms from 2000′s era

instagram:  @rockbarcellos


03/12/2019 – And here it is finally my video with the Green Lantern artwork creation process. Enjoy!


3/10/2019 – I’m still editing the video of the Green Lantern artwork, but for now here are some other artwork I’ve also been working on, I’ll also be doing videos of the process of doing these aswell that I’ll be posting on my Youtube channel  in the future



12/16/2018- Classic Hal Jordan Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps! Soon I’ll be posting a video(in my Youtube Channel) showing the process of creation for this art



6/15/2018 – New arts for my gig on Fiverr for character designing

A catchick M s T Wa

The art below is an altered version of artwork that’s on the DVD cover  for JusticeLeague vs Teen Titans(2016) movie animation




– Fan art, Superman : Return of the Trunks!

I was working on this before the  Action Comics release actually, but since the release now is definetely the best time to post this here, enjoy




5/19/2018 — New art for my gig on Fiverr, Coloured comic book pages! https://www.fiverr.com/rockbarcellos/draw-and-paint-a-comic-book-page

V   COMUNICADO- Mensagem para meus amigos no Facebook :  Minha página para divulgação do meu trabalho no facebook a página  Rock’n’Art (https://www.facebook.com/rocksilesbarcellos/) mudará de nome para o mesmo nome deste site, Rockincomics, obrigado pela compreensão MESSAGE TO MY FACEBOOK ENGLISH SPEAKING FRIENDS – My facebook page for showing my original artwork  Rock’n’Art (https://www.facebook.com/rocksilesbarcellos/)  will be changing it’s name to match this website, so it will be called Rockincomics as soon as it’s aproved by facebook Thank you for your attention    ———————————————–   5/5/2018—- New gig available on my Fiverr profile: Coloured comic book pages!  https://www.fiverr.com/rockbarcellos/draw-and-paint-a-comic-book-page     stry3b - Copia     2 - Copia     SPR GUY1     stry6 - Copia     stry8 - Copia     1 - Copia   ——————————————————



Lately I’ve been using Fiverr a lot for gigs, they have a pretty good and reliable system, here’s my profile there
The only downside is that the fees for each gig (20%) eats quite a bit of your profits…
I’d love to find a website that worked the same way but using Bitcoin
Here are some of the works I’ve done there
——————————————————————————————————– * 2015 and before Check out The Bitcoin Group at https://www.youtube.com/user/WorldCryptoNetwork The bitcoin group2 - Cópia SM20991 - Cópia The Batman - Cópia bat1 lanterna pose4 gaucho negro  hulk disagrees original golem corB maga3c orb d adaga4 rubi dragão ratling1b modok COR5 marvel guys homem atlante SM 2099 - Cópia spider-man300 spider-man2099 batman joga DA


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