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02/17/2023- Another different version of a sample page I did years ago

01/19/2023- A different version of the previous page, changing the characters and with a few improvements

5/3/21- Deadpool vs Deathstroke page
photo4938399362137041430 photo4938399362137041429
5/2018 – For my  gigs available on Fiverr
stry3b - Copia
2 - Copia
stry8 - Copia
C1c 1c 2c 3c 4c bckcvr LP1
Vstry6 - CopiaSPR GUY1
Cartoon for a gig on Fiverr
1 - Copia

 OLD STUFF  – from around 2010 – 2013

punheti cor

punheti2 cor

punheti3 cor

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