I’m accepting payments and donations in Bitcoin


here’s my address 12GQVJikJcRKzF5btTajgubMeEUizbPvVU and the QR code if you wish to donate


I’m also accepting Dash as well




This is as graphic I did for a fundraisign campaign for the great Chris Ellis of the World Crypto Network and also a good friend who helped me and who also is a very, very kind person. The fundraiser had the goal to raise some money to help him with health care costs for a medical condition he found out he suffered from: Tinnitus. Fortunately the internet community, his friends and people all over the world helped him out

Campaign link where the art was used

Another friend of the WCN, Thomas Hunt(Mad Bitcoins), not knowing about the other campaign did his own campaign, Save Ellis to help him out:


This is a fantastic project that the internet was surely needing! Protip makes it very easy for people to help content creators in the web, if you see something you like and want to show your appreciation that tool will help you to make that process much easier, it’s compatible with the Google chrome browser, be sure to check out